Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tuesday 13th Dec - Our day trip to Asakusa - Odaiba

On Tuesday we went for a day trip to Asakusa (old tokyo) where we saw the sensoji temple, one of the biggest still standing in Tokyo.

From Asakusa we caught a river boat to some gardens in the heart of tokyo. Who says there is no trees in Tokyo?

From the gardens we captured a cool pic of the rainbow bridge.

From the gardens we moved on to Odaiba where we found a european style shopping centre - Venus Fort. This place even has its own virtual sky that changes from day to night.

and only 5 mins from Venus fort was our first stop at an onsen (Hot spring). Here is a pic of us just about to take a dip. Of course, its men in one section and girls in the other. Not a bad experience only that 45 degrees is reallly hot.

more info on odaiba

Christmas party

Hagashi Kurume christmas party, 2 of the girls on team maja and rachel.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our cozy home

My little kitchen with no oven a tiny grill and taps that are all back to front.But we have quite a spacious living area with a lovely view from the balcony.

Our Bedroom....... Yes we are sleeping on the floor, well to be correct a futon. Very comfy, i recomend giving it a go!!!!

Below are 2 shots from our balcony.

Ikebukuro- Our first stop

One of the smaller cities in Tokyo, but still people everywhere!